Mandevilla Press

Machiavelli’s Lion & Fox : Strategies for Power in Life at Work

Think of the Huns on steroids. How different would managers behave if the people they supervise came to work armed with strategies that would empower them to deal with the events of their day from a position of power rather than fear of disobeying or making honest mistakes? Machiavelli’s Lion and Fox is written to do exactly that: arm everybody, regardless of position power, with strategies that will afford them more power and influence in dealing with the events of their day and their colleagues—regardless of position. Virtually all management books are written for managers. This unique work is written for everybody who works. It does not suggest underhandedness, rebellion, insubordination or any other inappropriate behavior but does suggest ways to avoid being caught in “traps” or being eaten by the “wolves” that one invariably encounters in the course of working.

This is not just another Machiavelli book. Nor is it tailored to “princes” of the workplace but a book suited to provide useful strategies for power in circumstances and situations experienced by all who work. Certain to create controversy, this book, which has universal appeal, just may alter some of the long held thinking about how Machiavelli’s “The Prince” can be applied today.

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