Mandevilla Press

Tibetan Cross

TIbetan Cross_103X147A classic international thriller and European bestseller about an American climber in the Himalayas who stumbles on a shipment of backpack nuclear weapons into Tibet. Hunted by the CIA and other covert agencies across Asia, North Africa, Europe and the United States, he is captured then rescued by a beautiful young woman with whom he forms a perilous liaison.

They escape the CIA, are captured, and escape again, across Europe and the United States, death always at their heels. Not only a terrifying portrayal of a relentless manhunt, Tibetan Cross is also a deep inquiry into politics and covert action, the nature of fear, and the painful process of love.

Acclaimed by critics as an “existentialist thriller”, and for its penetrating portraits of the individual versus society, the depths of love, and the roots of war, Tibetan Cross has also been praised as “a deft thriller that will reinforce your worst about the CIA and the Bomb” (Publishers Weekly), and that “grips the reader from the very first chapter until the climactic ending” (UPI).

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